Winning Strategies: Flag Football Playbooks for Coaches


Flag Football Playbooks: Winning Strategies for Coaches


Flag football is a popular sport that offers many benefits for players of all ages and skill levels. It is a fun, fast-paced, and safe way to enjoy the game of football without the risk of injuries from tackling and contact. Flag football also requires less equipment and space than tackle football, making it more accessible and affordable for many people.

However, flag football is not just a casual game that anyone can play without any preparation or strategy. If you want to be a successful flag football coach, you need to have a solid plan for your team, including effective flag football plays and playbooks that suit your players’ strengths and abilities.

A flag football playbook is a collection of flag football plays that you can use to execute your offense and defense on the field. A good flag football playbook should have a variety of plays that cover different situations, such as short yardage, long yardage, red zone, goal line, etc. A good flag football playbook should also have plays that are easy to learn, remember, and communicate with your players.

There are many sources of flag football plays and playbooks online, but not all of them are reliable or suitable for your team. Some of them may be too complex, too simple, or too outdated for the current rules and trends of flag football. That’s why we recommend you to check out these books that offer high-quality flag football plays and playbooks for youth and adult leagues.  Also included is a free download of the official NFL FLAG rules for 2024.




The Flag Football Coach’s (Top Secret) Playbook

Flag Football Playbooks


This playbook is designed for coaches to easily create plays and help their players (even the littlest players!) succeed. This playbook contains several five on five formations to easily create play calls for your team. The back of the book has several sheets for stats and blank formation pages as well. Are you ready for some football?



Back to the Basics Football Drill Manual: Flag Football Edition II Paperback 

Back to the Basics: Football Drill Manual: Flag Football Edition II is the sequel to an award winning book.  This next edition continues where the last one left off, but without blocking drills. Flag Football Edition II concentrates solely on the non-contact Flag Football facets of the game.
Within this book you will find over 70 plus non-contact flag football drills and flag games that are specifically designed for:•Center (Offensive Line)•Quarterbacks•Running Backs •Wide Receivers•Defensive Ends/Linebacker(s) — Front Line Drills•Defense Cornerbacks/Safeties — Second Line Drills•Flag Pulling Drills •Flag Games
This book also includes new and unique ways to teach players through the CSF Didactic Trapezoid© and introducing the CSF VARK© for Flag Football. The Reflection section is included at the end of every chapter for coaches to jot down notes to use with their own drills for future reference.

Winning Youth Flag Football: System and Playbook for NFL Flag based leagues Paperback 

Get your young flag football team off to a great start! This is a simple system and playbook you can install for players in grades K – 5. It includes a complete coaches implementation guide, how to assign player positions to succeed, coaching tips and advice, mistakes to avoid, a full offense and defense, how to properly huddle, simple plays, and how to blitz.
Details on how to install a no-huddle play calling system are also included. Once the base system and core plays are routine, this book includes advanced plays so the players can stay challenged over the years. This system has been successfully implemented by youth flag teams for over 10 years. It is proven, and it works!
Your team will be well-organized and enjoy the fun of a successful game day. All kids will get touches for success and be part of the action. Players will grow to not just play the game, but they will love playing the game. Simple organization leads to team confidence. Confidence leads to successful execution. Winning will just happen!

Best Flag Football Plays for Defense: The Defensive Playbook for Flag Football Teams Paperback 

flag football playbook

Best Flag Football Plays for Defense is the best way to transform your defense and build a defensive strategy that wins flag football championships.

Every team can score points in a flag football game, but not every team can consistently shut down their opponents to keep them out of the end zone and off of the scoreboard. If you are looking to improve your team’s defensive performance on the field with solid strategies for a flag football defense, this book is for you.

This playbook is filled with all of the best formations for flag football defenses, hundreds of play diagrams, and countless defensive strategies that you can use to transform your defense into an impenetrable force. Become known as the defense that every other offense in your league is scared to go up against by implementing the plays and principles found in this book.




Best Football Drills: The Drill Book for Winning Football Teams Paperback 

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The glory of the gridiron is paid by the sweat of the practice field. No team wins football games without first winning their football practices.

Featuring hundreds of pages of proven and effective football drills, the Best Football Drills book prepares players and coaches to practice like champions.

Whether you are a head coach leading an entire team, or an individual player looking to get the upper hand on your competition, this book will equip you with everything it takes to excel in practice and dominate in the game.




2023 & 2024 NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book & Officials’ Manual Paperback

flag football rulebook


The 21st edition of this classic guidebook from NIRSA provides the latest rule changes in flag and touch football. NIRSA supports leaders in collegiate recreation, with a membership serving over eight million students.

2023 & 2024 NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book & Officials’ Manual highlights all the rules that have changed since the previous edition, making it easy to locate what is new or changed. Updated information for officials includes changes to penalty enforcement and a method for the touchdown-scoring team to retain possession of the ball, called the onside conversion. The pocket size makes the guide easy to consult at games, whether you’re a coach, instructor, official, player, or fan of flag and touch football.

The manual also offers summaries of fouls and penalties, youth football rules, and 4 on 4 football rules, and it presents the 10 commandments for clinicians and observers. It contains detailed explanations of the rules regarding equipment, time factors, team possession, scoring, player conduct, and more. The officials’ portion is then presented in seven sections that outline officiating basics and responsibilities, game administration, and other relevant topics.

This easy-to-read rule book and officials’ manual reflects NIRSA’s continuing commitment to the development of flag and touch football and the organization’s efforts to keep training and officials’ manuals current and relevant. As such, this pocket guide is an essential resource for officials, coaches, and players connected to flag and touch football in various settings, from youth levels through collegiate levels.


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